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Save A Horny Friend Foundation has a gorgeous website you are encouraged to enjoy and on which to donate! We currently operate solely through donations so are very grateful for any size donation!

The website lists information about the poaching crisis, solutions, news, your involvement, videos, past events, and a way to join our mailing list as well as follow our social media posts!

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Humorous videos to familiarize yourself with the poaching crisis:

Tusky Business – great video Jon Stewart made illuminating the absurdity of the poaching crisis and who is behind it:

Drones V Poachers – SAHF volunteers and I made this simulating chasing poachers using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology.


Growing up in Africa had a profound impact on my values and professional pursuits. Witnessing wondrous natural ecosystems as well as firsthand pollution and wildlife poaching, influenced me to pursue evolutionary biology, sustainability and wildlife conservation from a young age.  With a Masters of Science in Evolutionary Biology from studying wild chimpanzees at the Jane Goodall Research Center in Los Angeles, as well as degrees and certifications in  Sustainable Business Practices, Energy Efficiency psychology, general psychology and human evolution, I’ve committed the last 23 years of life to environmental conservation, wildlife studies and finding solutions for human needs to coincide with the preservation of nature and all its wonders.

Having spent the last year in East Africa studying the complex contributing factors spurring elephant and rhinoceros poaching, and many years prior to that in innovation and entrepreneurship, I’m very active in the sustainability, webtech, biotech and cleantech startup scenes;  have published writing in science, sustainable products and regulation; co-hosted and co-produced the radio show “Eco Business Hour” on eco-friendly businesses as well as have lead the charge on creating a “GreenScore” for all consumer products. Recently, I founded Save A Horny Friend Foundation to curb the poaching of elephants and rhinos through technology as well as education. Also in the works are two screenplays on a historical topic in evolutionary science as well as the recent events around the poaching crisis in Africa. See “Bio” tab for more.

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