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Silverback Mountain Gorilla Enjoying a Snack

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The thoroughly-majestic and ever-threatened mountain gorilla lives in one corner of the world, at the intersection of three countries: Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.  With only about 700 left in the whole world, the mountain gorilla is only of the most endangered of all primates. Although a few other primate species have even smaller populations, the gestation and development time for any ape (gorillas, orangutans, chimpanzees, bonobos, gibbons and humans) to reach maturity and have their own children is so long and the human hunting or infection threat is so high, that they risk going extinct due to the mere fact that it takes so long for them to...

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Dragonflies are Curious Too

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The dragonflies at “The Pond” in Yellow Springs, Ohio spend much of their day circling over the pond looking for insects to feast on.   I feel quite lucky to have been able to capture this shot so clearly as they rarely sit still.  Rather, as a I learned on Wikipedia, they are very curious creatures, thus spend lots of time near humans doing what seems to be inspecting us.  All the while, I thought I was inspecting...

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Collapsed Pier at Dusk on an Ephemeral Lake

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The Salton Sea is known for its settings for extreme photography. The next time I return, I will shoot in high-dynamic range (HDR), but alas, the water has receded so much that this scene no longer exists. All that is left now is the desiccated mud floor littered with fish...

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