Dozens of Cutting-Edge Products and Solutions Showcased at GreenBuild 2012 Expo


by Valerie Kosheleff

Published in Sustainable Life Media, December 10, 2012

Article Link: Dozens of Cutting-Edge Products and Solutions Showcased at GreenBuild 2012 Expo


Two days of gleaning the countless isles of GreenBuild 2012’s three halls at downtown San Francisco’s Moscone Center makes it clear that the trend continues: eco-friendly, sustainable, and “green” products are not only innovative, cost-effective, and good for you, as well as the planet, but are pretty darn cool looking too.

Often the “eco-reluctants” disavow products because of erroneous beliefs of higher cost or lackluster appeal. Fortunately, our innovators have turned the tide on these misconceptions and produced products that are both aesthetically pleasing and in-demand solutions. Below are a few of the brands and most interesting groups from the show that we expect to see a lot more of in the near future:

ARVA HypoSys

* ARVA’s HypoSys Hybrid Lighting System™ is an “anywhere-anytime” street lamp that uses both solar and wind power to produce a 24-hour, zero-pollution, cool white light output. Without the mess of cables, this system is more than aesthetically pleasing, simultaneously bringing street lighting into the 21st century while creating permanent art installations.



* Finally, the battery we all need, want and can feel good about! EcoAlkalines™ Batteries are the world’s first certified carbon neutral batteries that use no mercury, lead, or cadmium, making them landfill safe. The patent on EcoAlkalines’s leak-resistant technology means you can store them for up to 5-years without worry of these batteries losing their charge. Head to Walgreens on Earth Day 2013 for the U.S. launch of these eco-energizing, guilt-free batteries!


Davies Office

* One of the most attractive displays at GreenBuild 2012 encapsulated the “RE-think” around products: RE-furbish your old furniture rather than just RE-cycling or buying new. Overnight, Davies Office Refurbishing disassembles your weathered workstations and installs pristine office furnishings without disrupting the workday. These refurbished desks, filing cabinets, and dividers cut carbon footprints and RE-fresh the office look and feel using only non-toxic paints and veneers.


Indo Windows* Here’s a twofer fer ya: The “little guy with a big idea” is encouraged to participate and compete in the world’s largest cleantech accelerator, The Cleantech Open. Founded by Silicon Valley leaders in 2006, this competition is designed for new products addressing our energy, environmental, and economic challenges. Perhaps inspired by Occam’s Razor, the principle to seek simple explanations first, the winners of the CleanTech Open’s 2011 Energy Efficiency Challenge designed a simple-yet-efficient alternative to window upgrades. With a pop-in, precise-measurement design, Indo® Windows are easy-to-install, affordable, thermal window inserts that cut heating and cooling costs while preserving historic beauty, as well as reducing condensation and noise, simply.


* How regal will you feel when you get to dance across your office on nothing less than marble and mother of pearl after turning in that report a day early? Nurazzo® provides this shimmery experience in custom or standard colors while guaranteeing 10,000 psi and an eco-friendly and health-friendly terrazzo tile. Made of recycled glass, shells, or marble chips, Nurazzo also contributes to LEED projects and comes with an impressive 20-year warranty.



* Gone are the days of unhealthy, moldy, and musty office environments, thanks to Saint-Gobain ADFORS wall panels that guarantee 10 years of air sanitation and neutralization of 70% of harmful aldehydes. Novelio® CleanAir and Novelio® Mold-X panels filter the air while you work. No energy, no noise, no maintenance.



* A non-profit in the Southwest, The Heartland Coalition, owns and manages what might become the next hottest carmaker, Carrera CoachWerks. Located just outside of San Diego, Carrera is currently researching and testing electric motor and hybrid options for its must-have sporty and classic models.


Xeripave* How to create permanent permeability? Xeripave® Pervious Pavers allows rainwater runoff to return to the ground in paved-over areas by creating permeable, yet, sturdy surfaces for human activity. Using its pollutant-filtration system, Xeripave allows paved surfaces to be permeable to both capture runoff for general water reuse and maximize clean water delivery to tree roots, and it does all of this while covering only 15% of the paved area.


Nordic Built* It looks like we can count on many more green building and sustainable products from our blond cousins in Northern Europe in the coming years. Nordic Built is not a company, but rather a consortium started by the Ministers of Trade and Industry in the Nordic countries. Their goals are to promote innovation and knowledge for a sustainable built-environment through showcases and competitions across the Nordic countries. Some principles include aesthetically pleasing products that merge urban living with nature, zero emissions lifecycles, and innovation founded on transparent collaboration across borders and disciplines.


**All images were either sourced from the respective company’s website or were photographed or arranged by Valerie Kosheleff.

November 24, 2012