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Gifts You Can Choose to Receive for Donating at Different Levels:

– $100 and Over: A limited-edition T-Shirt acknowledging that you helped establish Save A Horny Friend Foundation in the first round of funding!

All T-Shirts are made of environmentally-friendly material, white or grey, and have a left breast logo on the front and a large “I Helped Establish Save A Horny Friend 2014” on the back – through Jan 15!

Men’s cuts are relaxed crew necks in M, L, XL. Women’s cuts are v-necks in S, M, L.  Other sizes can easily be ordered but take longer.


– $150 and Over: Professional Photos of Wildlife or Africa –  PRE-MOUNTED PRINT or Print Only Image one eighth matboard(pre-mounted shown to here)

All prints are on 100-year archive-quality Fuji Pearl Paper with a Lustre Coating, unless indicated otherwise by you.

Fuji Pearl Paper accentuates colors through its glossy metallic finish, and is so lovely that no-glass frames are recommended, although these 1/8-inch foam mountings can also be displayed nicely without a frame. The Lustre Coating adds protection against fingerprints and UV exposure


– $300 and Over: Professional Photos of Wildlife or Africa – STANDOUT FOAM CORE PRINT (shown right) Image Standouts - Christmas Dog

Standouts are 1.5-inch foam core backing that allows the print to be elegantly displayed without a frame. These are trendy and versatile, and also use Fuji Pearl Paper with a Lustre Coating.

Sizes choices depend on the proportions of the photo desired and range from 8×10 inches to 20×30 inches per your preference.


Choose Photos from These Gorgeous Images and Tell Us Which Number – the Number is Below the Image. 

Featured Professional Photographer, PETER HOGEL

Three years ago, Peter left his native Sweden to indulge in the adventures and natural beauty of East Africa. He has been active in wildlife conservation, a professional photographer and guides photographic safaris in Tanzania and Uganda through his own company Eden Explorer Uganda.  More of his photography can be enjoyed at

PeterHogel - DSC_4872_1.5MB - VK adj LTR

Number 1: Single Elephant

PeterHogel - DSC_7365_1.5MB - VK adj LTRNumber 2: Heard of Elephants

PeterHogel - DSC_5196_1.5MB - VK adj LTR

Number 3: Baby Elephants Playing

PeterHogel - DSC_5927_1.5MB - VK adj LTR

Number 4: Black Rhinos Running Across Ngorongoro Crater

PeterHogel - DSC_5932_1.5MB - VK adj LTR

Number 5: Two Black Rhinos Facing Us

PeterHogel - DSC_5941_1.5MB - VK adj LTR

Number 7: Two Black Rhinos Prancing

PeterHogel - DSC_8495_1.5MB - VK adj LTR

Number 8: Single White Rhino with Egret

PeterHogel - DSC_8506_1.5MB - VK adj LTRNumber 9: Two White Rhinos Feeding 


Resident Semi-Professional Photographer, VALERIE KOSHELEFF

From photography to evolution, Valerie has been studying and active in sustainability and conservation of wildlife around the world since 1991, including living in the forest with wild chimpanzees in Uganda and building radio collars for black rhinos in Zimbabwe in the 1990’s during the last rhino slaughter.  Her photography below is from her year in Tanzania researching the elephant and rhino poaching crisis. Other photos on this site are also for sale and available to be thank you gifts for the crowdfunding too.  

TZA_3835---Elepahant Mom and Baby Peering Over Grass Mad - Awesome _Adj light_WTRMK Number 10: Mother and Baby Elephant Trumpeting, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania


Number 11: The Shore of Lake Natron, Tanzania – photographed from a plane


Number 12: Salt Formations on Lake Natron, Tanzania – photographed from a plane


Number 13: Flamingos Flying Over the Famous Lake Natron, Tanzania – photographed from a plane


Number 14: Giraffes in The Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

KNA_7553_LTRNumber 15: Zebra Caught in the Golden Hour, Kenya

TZA_5194***Elephant Peering from Bushes- LTR - WTRMK

Number 16: Bull Elephant in the Forest, Manyara National Park, Tanzania


Number 17: Zebras At Watering Hole, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

TZA_4441_PS_No Extra Ele_LTR_WTRMK

Number 18: Baby Elephant Strolling Right Under Mom’s Legs, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania


Number 19: Elephant Mother Upclose, Tarangire National Park, Tanzania

TZB_4524- LTR_crp_WTRMK_sm

Number 20: Impala Being Stalked by Hungry Lion, Tarangire, National Park, Tanzania